Best Accredited US Online Education Schools & Courses 2020

Online education is fast gaining momentum in different parts of the world. The main reason why this is the case is that online education allows learners to balance their studies and work. Online education also allows students freedom in their education choices and learning hours. While several schools offer online courses and programs, not all of them are accredited. Studying in an accredited university means that education boards will not recognize the certificate you receive. Below are some accredited online schools in the US and the courses they offer;

Valley City State University

Valley City, North Dakota’s State University offers a wide range of online courses and degrees at an undergraduate level. The Higher Learning Commission accredits the university. Its online music, education, and athletic degree programs also have a specialty accreditation. The university offers majors in Kinesiology, Mathematics, Technology, and Business, among several others. The online school also offers two advanced online degrees in education and teaching. At Valley City State University, online students receive the best-personalized attention and assistance regardless of their location. This means that students living miles away from the school can still enjoy the benefit of being matched with the best online tutors.

Prude University

Prude University runs an online school by the name of Prude University Global. Prude University Global is an accredited online school that offers more than 175 programs. Some of the programs lie in the fields of Art and Sciences, Law and Legal Studies, Nursing, Business and Economics, Communication, Psychology, and Education, among others. Under the University, there is also the Prude University Northwest, which offers nationally ranked online programs through colleges of nursing and technology. Prude University’s online programs come in a wide variety and accept different kinds of students. The University allows working students access to world-class education while meeting their work demands. It also offers the option of accelerated learning to all online students.

Regent University

Regent University is located in Virginia Beach. It is an accredited online school with recognition from the Southern Association of College and Schools Commission on Colleges. The school offers a strong digital learning infrastructure. The infrastructure includes both on-demand and live lectures. The school also offers an online community where students can partake in live discussions and revise for exams. Additionally, the online school also allows for the use of several platforms for students to develop their assignments and take part in academic research. Regent University online school offers programs in a wide range of areas (130 in total).

University of Virginia

University of Virginia’s online school focuses on delivering exceptional online learning experience to its students. The online courses at the university offer an experience of collaboration between instructors and students as well as students and other learners. The online school accepts students from different parts of the country hence has a diverse student body. Some of the courses offered by the accredited online school include bachelor in liberal arts, professional studies in health management, certificates in accounting, federal acquisition, cybersecurity analysis, human resource management, and several others. Students can apply to the school online and also apply for financial aid.

California University of Pennsylvania

The California University of Pennsylvania offers online courses that heavily focus on practical experience and applied learning. The university has more than 75 bachelor’s and graduate degrees that are fully available online. The California situated online school currently hosts students from more than 30 nationalities as it is a global online school. The students also have the opportunity to receive financial assistance. However, financial aid is only awarded to eligible students. All the courses that the offered online can also be accessed on-campus. The online school is accredited by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education.

Eastern Oregon University

Eastern Oregon University is an accredited provider of online education. The school offers more than 20 online bachelor's degree programs. It also offers some unique majors like fire service administration, physical activity, and health as well as emergency medical services administration major. It also offers e-tutoring services and runs an online writing center. Through the online writing center, students post their written works and receive feedback from tutors.


Online education has a lot of advantages over the traditional kind. However, before choosing to study online, make sure that a well-known accreditation body accredits both the course and the school.