Best Accredited US Online Psychology Schools & Courses 2020

Pursuing an online psychology degree or certificate is the best option for those that are looking to spend less money for quality education. However, when choosing the best school and course, you must consider the success factor, accreditation of the school and the coursework. Below are some of the best accredited online psychology schools in the US.

University of Florida

The University of Florida offers one of the best Bachelor’s Psychology programs. The program features a 120-credit curriculum with entirely asynchronous coursework. Some of the top courses on in this program include behaviour analysis, lab methods as well as comparative psychology. The program lasts for four years and is entirely online. The accredited US online Psychology School boasts of more than 75% of their students getting full or parttime employment within a year of earning the online degree. The school also boasts of 54% graduation rates.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University also offers one of the top online Psychology programs in the United States. The university launched its first online program in 2002 and currently has a full-time online staff with an impeccable experience. Online students follow the same curriculum as on-campus students. The curriculum involves courses like statistics, research skills, theories of human behaviour, general biology, social and abnormal psychology. The acceptance rate at this university’s online school is close to 78%. The university has a tuition aid for needy online students.

University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida offers multiple concentration options for its online Bachelors in Psychology program. The available concentrations include clinical, industrial or organizational, experimental, general or human factors psychology. This offer is the best for students who desire a customizable studying experience. Students seeking to enrol into the online program must attain at least a 2.0 GPA. The program lasts for two years and features a total of 120 credits. The university accepts new entries to its online school at three points within a year. However, for transfer students, the university only accepts applications for those with an associate degree or those with incredible college credit.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers four online psychology courses. All students at the university complete the same general education curriculum. However, each major has the fast-track option that allows them to study at an accelerated pace. The university boasts of 90% of its students getting either part-time or full-time jobs within less than six months of earning their degree. The university only accepts students that are high school graduates and those with a minimum GPA score of 3.0. Arizona State University offers a host of scholarships from which hundreds of students, online and on-campus, can benefit. Currently, the only available course at the online campus is forensic psychology, and it takes between two and a half to four years to complete and covers more than 120 credit requirements.

The University of Massachusetts-Lowell

This university, through its Division of Online and Continuing Education, offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The university offers a wide range of online psychology courses that are specially designed for working professionals that would benefit from balancing between work and education. The school offers a well-rounded curriculum that covers different areas in Psychology, both theory and practical. Students have the option of specializing in individual fields like developmental. Clinical, personality or community psychology. The online school hosts more than two thousand students and has an acceptance rate of more than 60%. The University of Massachusetts Lowell established its first online program in 1996.

Several other schools in the United States offer Online Psychology Courses. They include the University of North Dakota, Eastern Washington University, Utah, Trine University and California State University, to name a few.

Some of the best accredited online psychology courses in the US include;

• Developmental and Clinical Psychology offered by Queensland University and Arizona State University
• Industrial or Organizational Psychology offered by the University of California
• Introduction to Psychology offered by the five schools mentioned above and more
• Foundations of Positive Psychology offered by the University of Pennsylvania
• Social or Societal Psychology offered by all the schools mentioned above and more


Take Away

Several accredited online psychology schools in the United States offer a host of courses. The trick is finding the best school, review its costs, courses and enrollment elements. The ones mentioned above are just a few of the many schools in this category.