Best Online English Programs & Courses 2020

Online platforms have created a space for individuals to learn and build up new skills from the comfort of your laptop and smartphone. This technological advancement has led to several Universities and Colleges enrolling their courses online for students and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge.

With the online platforms, you can set aside time to learn new languages and English as the renowned global language, it is essential to add more fluency and improve writing or speaking skills. Below are the best online English Programs & Courses in 2020

ESL Online

This is an online program that is provided by Brookdale Worldwide, which is an online campus that focuses on languages such as English. This program originates from the Brookdale Community College in New Jersey.

The curriculum duration is 3 semesters and is a part-time learning course. The cost is for the course is $578, which is per class or level. This makes it quite affordable for anyone who wants to acquire new skills. An upside to the online college is the availability of the professors who are experienced in the language. This allows you to specialize and improve your communication after the course.

Additionally, as you enroll, you can be able to have a one on one chat with the tutors who will offer guided assistance, and this will sharpen your abilities. This will give you an upper hand in the learning sessions.

Magoosh IELTS Preparation Course

It is located in Berkeley and offers the IELTS Preparation Course, which is an online curriculum that takes 24 weeks. IELTS preparation course is both full-time and part-time, depending on one’s preference. The syllabus involves undertaking a series of tests and use updated materials where you will get to improve your language capabilities.

To partake in the syllabus, you can pay the money in periods, that is, the first week, a month, or a full 6-months amount. Magoosh is unique as it offers 7-day guarantee money back to any client who is unsatisfied with the courses. This allows you to get your full amount back after the first week. The price ranges as follows; for the first week, you pay $19, for a month, $29, and $49 for 6months. All the above amounts have been discounted; thus, you can save up to $100.

An advantage to this course, you can learn via your desktop or smartphone, this makes it flexible and efficient. Additionally, the support staff is available to assist you, and you can reach out via email. Lastly, the provision of numerous question aids the learners to practice for their exams, this gives you a higher chance of passing the test.

Online Level 5 TEFL Course

This is an online program provided by the TEFL Academy. The Academy is a global institute that allows you to register for the course, which takes 168 hours and will enable you to do it fulltime or part-time. The primary focus is to provide a platform for learners who want to study English.

The fees for the course ranges between $300 for the learning hours. As the course is online, the benefits of this study are the Global recognition of the course completion. The certificate is internationally recognized, and this allows you to secure jobs or a green card if you want to relocate to an English speaking country.

Additionally, the design of the breakdown of the course allows you to cover a broad aspect in the English course within the shortest times, thus making you improve your skills faster. This technique additionally makes you equip yourself with maximum information, which will improve your fluency and creative skills.

TEFL is an essential course because, after completion, you are capable of finding jobs, this allows you to grow your career to greater heights. Moreover, you can apply for TEFL job opportunities. This will enable you to practice an implement what you have learned.


Digital technology has transformed the online learning sector, with is education is much closer and in the comfort of your home. Therefore, it is imperative to improve your language by applying for these top courses, not forgetting its flexibility; it will assist you to be all-rounded and grow in your career.